Plagiarism check for bachelor thesis, master thesis & dissertation

Why a plagiarism check is important for a term paper, bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation? Every scientific text, whether a bachelor thesis, master thesis, homework or dissertation, needs a plagiarism check. It should also be checked before submission with the help of plagiarism software on potential plagiarism, the plagiarism sites. Finally, errors and inconsistencies in citing the source or citation can quickly creep in. Plagiarism can not only lead to bad grades, but also to the rejection of the thesis or even the academic title. The plagiarism check of a bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation lasts only 5 minutes. Therefore do not hesitate, but now with our professional plagiarism check the bachelor thesis, master thesis and dissertation on plagiarism!

Benefits of plagiarism testing of bachelor thesis and master thesis

A plagiarism check (also called plagiarism scan or plagiarism software) for a bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation can on the one hand check whether individual sentences or passages of text can be found over the Internet and also assigned to one or more sources. The review of the resulting plagiarism check report can give you an overview of found texts and corresponding sources. This then minimizes the risk of having overlooked sources and corresponding citation. Incidentally, partially rewritten texts about individual small matching text blocks can also be assigned to a source. It is therefore essential before submitting work to the supervisor or assessor to minimize the risk of plagiarism.

Tip – What are the causes of plagiarism or plagiarism?

Direct citations have not been identified as such with a reference to the source.

Indirect citations are not documented in the course of the text production by missing overview with sources.

Time pressure often leads to many negligence such as wrong or missing sources.

Rewritten text corresponds to an indirect quote and, consequently, must also be covered with sources.

Even with translations from another language plagiarisms can finally be found by an intelligent plagiarism check. The verification then takes place either via plagiarism software or manually by substantive individual research in the network. Thus, the supervisor or appraiser can determine whether the student or doctoral student is correspondingly, e.g. from English or French literature.

Tip – How to avoid plagiarism?

Strict adherence to the correct citation and the systematic process of copywriting and source work.

also recognize time pressure and do not be tempted to “bungling”, because it is guaranteed to take revenge.

Honest dealing with sources, because the use of foreign knowledge is an integral part of scientific work.

Many students also think that the use of foreign knowledge or knowledge is per se not allowed. This is of course flasch. The important thing is simply that you must cite these findings correctly and it must not prevail overall. The own contribution must naturally outweigh.

IMPLEMENTING A PLAGIAT CHECK Before submitting the work helps minimize the risk!

How fast can a plagiarism check be carried out?

In standard time within 24h.

Express within a few hours (express plagiarism check).

Over the weekend, overnight or over holidays as express plagiarism check possible!